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Music Producer|Audio Engineer|Mixing Engineer
Nathaniel "Dynasty Beats" Hill
Dynasty Beats Mixing With Artists
Dynasty and Furco Music working on a mix

Who is Dynasty?

Nathaniel (Dynasty Beats) Hill, 26

With over 16 years of educated music experience and 8+ years of music business experience you can say he has made music his life.

At age 6 Nate fell in love with the booming sound of the drums he heard at his church and got his mother to ask the church drummer for lessons. At age 8 he was in the school elementary band and continued to be in school band until he graduated high school.

While still being formally taught drums at school he picked up the guitar at age 12 and started to learn basic chords and strumming patterns to help create full song arrangements.

By age 16 Nate was on his computer using Fruity Loops; or as most call it FL Studio, creating hiphop and RnB style songs with two close friends Cj Brooks and Jeremy Jones. Nate then started to work with more artists outside of his friends and started to develop a name for himself in his hometown Syracuse Ny..... Fast forward 10 years and Dynasty Beats is a well known name in the Syracuse Ny urban music scene. From working with artists such as French Montana, Jadakiss, Glasses Malone, Just Brittany, Sexxy Lexy, and pretty much all of the heavy hitter artists in Syracuse, Utica and beyond while providing top of the line quality recording and mixing along with creative input he has earned the title "#1 Urban Recording/Mixing Engineer in Syracuse NY".